Science Fair Club

A Science Fair is another exciting way to involve students, parents, and the community

in our school. First students need to select an area of study in science and decide upon

a problem they would like to solve. They will create a hypothesis ( If/Then statement),

then use the scientific porcess to test it. Finally, students develop a way to display their

findings (graphs, pictures,etc.) and demonstrate their testing results.

Our school fair will be on Friday, November 30, 2012. Students MUST have their project

at school two days prior to the fair or otherwise instructed by the teacher. The juding will take

place from 9:00 am - 2:00pm (no one is allowed on judging floor). Parents and guests are

invited to walk thorugh the fair beginning at 7:00 pm and awards will be announced at

7:45pm. We ask ALL students to be present for the award presentations and they are to take

home their projects after the fair. Those students unable to attend will have their projects

placed in Mrs. Athey's room for pick-up. Those winners in their categories will need to meet with

Mrs. Lykens or Mrs. Athey after the fair.

Dates of Science Fair Club Meetings:

The club will begin with it's ten members but we have openings for more. Should you know

of a student interested in being part of this club please contact Mrs. Athey or Mrs. Lykens.

No Student can stay after until they get a signed permission form from one of the teachers.

Make sure you stop by and get yours...don't want you missing out on the fun!

No transportation provided for the following dates:

September 19, September 26

Transportation provided:

October 3, October 17, October 24

November 7, November 28

(Project MUST be completed for the last two meeting dates)

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