Opportunity for 7th Grade Students

Seventh Grade Students, Parents and Staff:

The Washington Gateway Academy is a one-week residential, pre-college program intended to encourage 7th graders who are going into the 8th grade to think about, plan, and prepare for college. The program is held June 15-21 on the campus of Shepherd University and is designed for underachievers who are performing between the average and high academic performance range.

Through activities and mini-classes, Academy participants receive instruction and information on the benefits of a college education. The program is designed to change learning habits, improve grades in school, and increase the possibility for college attendance. The Academy will take two, one-day trips to Washington, DC and will also visit Harpers Ferry National Park.

The Academy is free to students, but parents are responsible for transportation and spending money. Spending money is not required. Housing and meals are provided by the academy.

To be considered for the Academy, an applicant must: 1) have satisfactory academic performance in school; 2) be eligible to enter the eighth grade in the fall semester of 2014; 3) be no older than 14 years of age prior to the Washington Gateway Academy (June 2014); 4) be a resident of West Virginia and attend a public school.

Please contact Ms. Himelrick or Mr. Wilson, Counselors, for information and applications. Applications must be returned to counselors by April 10.

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