Band Grading Policy

Band Grading Policy

  • Classroom Grading Policy

    Instrumental Music Classes

    J.Craig Lee, Instructor

    The grading system in my classroom is consistent with the countywide scale of averaging grades at the Secondary level. Nine or more grades are given each nine weeks and averaged to determine the nine weeks grade.

    The nine weeks grade will be obtained as follows:

    1. Students will have numerical grades recorded for all work.

    2. Specific areas of acquiring the nine weeks grade are:

    • Classroom participation (50%),
      • Students will start each week with 100 points
      • 10 points will be deducted each day the student does not have required materials for class.
    • Written and instrument skill tests (50%)
      • There will be weekly playing tests, usually on Mondays.
      • Students will play their test in my office on video. I will then grade them at home.
    • Performances (10% of the semester grade)
      • Attendance at performances is required.
      • Students will receive a 100 for each performance.
      • Students will also be asked to give themselves a test grade for each selection performed at the concert.

    NOTE: Students who miss required performances will receive a zero for that performance. Emergency absences will be dealt with on an individual basis. Students will receive extra-credit for performances that are not listed on the required performance list

    The semester grade will be determined as follows:

    The two nine weeks grades will be averaged together with the performance grades to obtain the semester grade.

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